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Who we are​

 At Floatex Solar, we are a forward-thinking company at the forefront of the floating solar industry. Established in  2018,  we have  quickly risen  to   prominence as  pioneers in  the field, spearheading innovation  and  sustainable  solutions  for  renewable  energy.  Our  dedication  to  research  and  development has  allowed  us to  develop  expertise   in  producing  high-quality  floaters  used in  floating solar power plants.

What we do

At Floatex Solar, our primary focus is on the engineering, design and supply of complete floatation platforms for grid-connected floating solar photovoltaic power plants.
We manufacture products specifically tailored for solar-powered plants, ensuring their efficiency and durability.
Our team of experts works diligently to deliver cutting-edge and reliable floating solar solutions.
We understand that the floating solar industry is rapidly gaining attention and represents the future of renewable energy.


At Floatex Solar, our success is driven by a dynamic leadership team with an unwavering commitment to renewable energy.

Our team comprises engineers, designers, researchers, and project managers who collaborate seamlessly to deliver outstanding results. We value their expertise and foster a culture of continuous learning, allowing our team to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.

Our team of experts works diligently to deliver cutting-edge and reliable floating solar solutions.
Sunil Aggarwal
Shravil Aggarwal
Shreyansh Aggarwal

India's Pioneer
In Floating
Solar Technology

Ethos and values that drive us to do excel


We prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our operations, aiming to create a positive impact on the environment.


Our passion for innovation drives us to develop cutting-edge floating solar solutions that address the world's energy challenges.


We place our customers at the heart of everything we do, ensuring their needs are met with tailored and efficient solutions.


Honesty and transparency define our interactions with clients, partners, and stakeholders, fostering trust and long-term relationships.

Quality Focus

Quality is paramount in our products and services, and we maintain rigorous standards to deliver reliable and efficient solutions.


Our mission at Floatex Solar is to revolutionize the renewable energy sector through  the power of floating  solar.  We  aim to  be  the leading  provider  of floating solar solutions worldwide, driving the transition towards clean and sustainable energy.