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Floatex Solar leads the way in innovative Floating Platform and Structure solutions for the solar industry. Crafted by our skilled team, these platforms unlock the solar potential of water bodies. Serving as sturdy foundations for solar panels, they optimize land utilization while expanding opportunities for solar installations. Our solutions prioritize sustainability, harnessing renewable energy with minimal environmental footprint. With Floatex Solar, embrace cutting-edge technology that maximizes energy production while preserving natural ecosystems, paving the path towards a greener future.


Floating Platform and Structure solutions

What is FSPV

FSPV Solutions utilizes the versatile composite material, ferro-cement, blending cement mortar with robust wire or steel mesh reinforcement. Our engineered platforms for floating solar panels harness ferro-cement’s durability and affordability. These corrosion-resistant structures ensure stability and reliability even in demanding environments, bolstering the longevity of solar installations. Customized to project specifications, our ferro-cement solutions optimize performance while minimizing costs. With FSPV Solutions, expect resilient platforms that provide a solid foundation for floating solar panels, maximizing energy production in any aquatic setting.

Reservoirs and Lakes

Our floating platforms are designed to be deployed on reservoirs and lakes, converting them into clean energy powerhouses.

Dams and Ponds

We harness the power of dams and ponds by installing floatingsolar platforms, ensuring optimal energy generation.

Industrial Water

Our solutions enable the installation of floating solar power plants in industrial water bodies, making use of otherwise underutilized spaces.

Coastal and Offshore

Floatex Solar provides floating structures suitable for coastal and off shore solar installations, enhancing renewable energy potential in such regions.


Benefits of FSPV Solutions


Maximizing land utilization and harnessing untapped water surfaces, Floating Solar Photovoltaic (FSPV) Solutions offer innovative and sustainable renewable energy solutions.

Efficient Land Use

FSPV Solutions optimize land utilization by harnessing water bodies for solar power generation, reducing competition for terrestrial space.

Renewable Energy Potential

Leveraging floating solar panels, FSPV Solutions tap into untapped solar potential on lakes, reservoirs, and other water surfaces, contributing to renewable energy expansion.

Environmental Conservation

By utilizing existing water bodies, FSPV Solutions minimize land disturbance and preserve natural habitats, promoting environmental sustainability.


Floating solar panels offer a cost-effective alternative to land-based installations, reducing construction expenses and land acquisition costs.

Water Conservation

FSPV Solutions help mitigate water evaporation from reservoirs, benefiting local ecosystems and supporting water conservation efforts.


Versatility and Scalability

The flexibility of FSPV Solutions allows for scalable installations adaptable to various water bodies and project requirements, offering versatile renewable energy solutions.

How Does Floatex Utilize FSPV Solutions

Procedure Of Solar Panel Integration

The integration of solar panels with Floating Solar Photovoltaic (FSPV) solutions involves several steps to ensure proper installation and functionality. Here's a detailed procedure for integrating solar panels onto FSPV systems:

  – Conduct a thorough site assessment to evaluate the water body’s characteristics, including depth, water quality, and environmental conditions.

  – Determine the optimal location for the FSPV system based on factors such as sunlight exposure, water depth, and accessibility for installation and maintenance.

 – Design the floating platform structure to accommodate the selected solar panels, considering factors such as buoyancy, stability, and load-bearing capacity.

 – Fabricate the floating platform using materials suitable for water environments, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), fiberglass, or aluminum.

– Choose solar panels suitable for floating applications, typically lightweight and durable with high efficiency.

 – Consider factors such as panel size, wattage, efficiency, and compatibility with the FSPV platform design.

  – Install mounting racks or frames onto the floating platform to support the solar panels securely.

  – Ensure proper spacing and orientation of the mounting system to maximize sunlight exposure and energy generation.

 – Lay out the electrical wiring pathways on the floating platform to connect the solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, and batteries (if applicable).

 – Install junction boxes, conduits, and electrical connectors to protect the wiring and facilitate connections between components.

– Carefully position and secure the solar panels onto the mounting system, ensuring proper alignment and spacing between panels.

– Fasten the solar panels to the mounting racks or frames using appropriate hardware, following manufacturer specifications and safety standards.

 – Connect the electrical wiring from the solar panels to the inverters and charge controllers, following wiring diagrams and safety protocols.

 – Conduct electrical testing to verify the functionality and efficiency of the FSPV system, including voltage, current, and power output.

– Conduct buoyancy and stability tests on the FSPV platform to ensure it can support the weight of the solar panels and withstand water currents and environmental conditions.

– Apply sealants, waterproof coatings, or gaskets around the mounting points and electrical connections to prevent water ingress and corrosion.

– Inspect the entire installation for any gaps or vulnerabilities and address them accordingly to ensure long-term durability.

 – Commission the FSPV system by activating it and monitoring its performance over time to identify any issues or optimizations needed.

 – Implement a monitoring system to track energy production, system efficiency, and environmental factors affecting performance.


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