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Solar Power Milestone: NTPC’s 56 MW Kawas Project Fully Operational in Gujarat

NTPC's Solar Triumph: 56 MW Kawas Project Shines Bright in Gujarat In a significant stride towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape, India's state-run power generator, NTPC, proudly announces the full operational status of its 56 MW Kawas solar project in Gujarat. This remarkable achievement marks yet another milestone

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Sailing into the Future: Floatex’s Role in India’s 600MW Floating Solar Power Plant

Sailing into the Future: Floatex's Role in India's 600MW Floating Solar Power Plant In a remarkable leap towards sustainable energy, India is gearing up for the launch of its largest floating solar power plant, nestled over the serene waters of Omkareshwar dam. This monumental project, designed to harness the sun's


Illuminating Bihar: Avaada Energy and Floatex Power Up the 2 MW Floating Solar Power plant

In a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future, Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA) is on the verge of commissioning the state's first 2 MW floating solar power plant. Nestled in the serene Kadirabad locality of Darbhanga district, this pioneering project is set to redefine clean energy

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India’s Largest Floating Solar Power Project: A Technological Marvel

In a remarkable stride towards sustainability, India has successfully commissioned its largest floating solar power project. The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) recently declared the commercial operation of the final 20 MW capacity segment of the 100 MW Ramagundam Floating Solar PV Project in Telangana. As of July 1, 2022,


Sailing Towards Sustainable Energy: NTPC’s Simhadri Solar Power Triumph

In a significant stride towards sustainable energy generation, India's leading state-run electricity producer, NTPC Limited, marked a historic moment with the commencement of commercial operations at its Simhadri thermal station in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. This remarkable achievement was celebrated with the commissioning of a 15 MW floating solar PV project, furtherenhancing the facility's

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Sailing Towards a Sustainable Future with Floating Solar Panels (FSPV)

Sailing Towards a Sustainable Future with Floating Solar Panels (FSPV) In the ever-expanding quest for sustainable energy sources, Floating Solar Panels (FSPV) have emerged as a shining beacon of innovation. These panels, often referred to as floatex solar, are creating waves in the renewable energy sector for their unique ability