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Floatex is the top renewable energy solution in the world

Embracing Sustainability, Empowering Change

At Floatex Solar, we are passionate about sustainability and its vital role in shaping our future. Through our innovative floating solar solutions, we are contributing to the global transition towards clean energy. By utilizing water bodies for solar power generation, we optimize land use, reduce carbon footprint, and promote renewable energy adoption on a larger scale.

A Breakthrough Asset in Renewable Energy Sector

Floatex is the top renewable
energy solution in the World

About Us

Empowering a Sustainable Future

Floatex Solar is a pioneering force in the floating solar industry, driving innovation and delivering sustainable solutions. With over two years of dedicated research and development, we have become experts in the production of floaters used in floating solar power plants. Our primary focus lies in designing and supplying complete floatation platforms for grid-connected floating solar photovoltaic power plants. As an advanced-stage project, we are committed to shaping the future of renewable energy through cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices.

Why Us


Since our inception in 2018, we have always aimed to be at the top of harnessing the
energy of the sun for a better future. At Floatex, we differentiate ourselves through our unwavering
commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Industry Leadership

Floatex Solar stands at the forefront of the floating solar sector,leading the way with our extensive experience and expertise.

Our company is guided by a team of seasoned promoters with a proven track record in the renewable energy domain.

 We constantly push the boundaries of floating solar
technology,striving to provide the most advanced and reliable solutions.

 At Floatex Solar, we are dedicated to excellence in all
aspects of our operations, from design to project execution.

We are deeply committed to sustainability, and our solutions optimize landuse and reduce carbon footprints.

Our Products

FSPV Solution

Innovative Design, Reliable Performance

At Floatex Solar, our Floating Platform and Structure solutions represent the pinnacle of innovation in the floating solar industry. Our proficient team of experts designs and engineers these platforms to harness the untapped potential of water bodies for solar power generation. The floating platform serves as a sturdy foundation for solar panels, enabling us to optimize land use and open up vast possibilities for solar installations.


Unleashing the Strength of Ferrocement

Floatex Solar leverages the exceptional qualities of Ferrocement, a robust construction material combining cement and reinforcement, to create durable platforms for mounting electrical equipment insolar power plants. Engineered for exceptional strength and resistance, these platforms securely install and protect vital solar components, ensuring stable and reliable performance even in harsh environmental conditions.

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