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Dalmia Cement, 4 MW

Technical description


Dalmia Cement




545 wp

Anchoring Type

Rock Bolt



Project Summary

Floatex Solar Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce its recent collaboration with Dalmia Cement Pvt Ltd, where we've taken a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions. Our latest project involves designing a robust mooring system for a 4 MW Floating Solar Plant strategically placed on a reservoir owned by Dalmia Cement in Bihar. This initiative showcases our commitment to innovative energy solutions and marks a milestone in utilizing renewable resources more effectively.

The floating solar array, spanning 266 meters by 126 meters, is equipped with highly efficient solar panels, each generating 545 watts. It utilizes a Rock Bolt anchoring system for enhanced reliability and durability, ensuring stability amidst the dynamic aquatic conditions.

This system is specifically designed to withstand various environmental challenges, ensuring consistent energy production and stability of the structure. This project is a testament to our expertise in floating solar technology and our dedication to providing energy solutions that are efficient and environmentally friendly.



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