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Jindal, Hygenco India 1.5 MW

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545 wp

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1.5 MW2

Project Summary

Hygenco India Pvt. Ltd. is advancing in the renewable energy sector with the development of a Floating Solar Photovoltaic (FSPV) Plant at the Jindal Stainless (JSL), Hisar Plant in Hissar, Haryana. Designed and executed by Floatex Solar, this project aims to efficiently harness solar energy by installing solar panels on the water surfaces of the plant's rainwater and main water tanks, offering an intelligent solution that avoids additional land use.

The FSPV plant has a capacity of 1.5 megawatts (MW), powered by solar panels, each with a wattage of 545 watts peak (wp). This capacity is sufficient to supply clean, renewable energy to numerous homes. The panels are anchored using a deadblock system chosen for their reliability and minimal impact on the aquatic ecosystem.

This initiative by Floatex Solar is a testament to how industrial spaces can incorporate renewable energy solutions, promoting environmental sustainability. Water bodies' use of solar energy saves land and helps reduce water evaporation, supporting water conservation efforts. This project reflects a commitment to sustainable development and innovation, paving the way for a greener future.



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