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Floatex Solar, in collaboration with Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited (BHEL), is undertaking the development of a 22 MW floating solar plant in Simhadri, Vishakhapatnam. This cutting-edge project is set atop the reservoir, demonstrating a significant leap towards sustainable energy solutions. With a total capacity of 22MW, the plant is strategically owned by NTPC, marking a milestone in renewable energy collaboration.

The plant design includes six blocks, varying in size, to optimize the capture of solar energy across different areas. This thoughtful layout ensures the efficient use of space while maximizing energy production, setting a precedent for future renewable energy projects. The floating solar plant not only showcases the potential for renewable energy in India but also represents a model for efficient, eco-friendly power generation on a global scale.

By utilizing the surface of reservoirs for solar energy production, Floatex Solar, with BHEL, addresses the need for clean energy and the efficient use of land resources. This project is a testament to innovative engineering and a commitment to sustainable development, highlighting the role of renewable energy in meeting the world's growing power needs.



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