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Uttar Pradesh


330 wp

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Floatex Solar has partnered with Larsen & Toubro (L&T) to bring to life a groundbreaking floating solar plant at Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, in a remarkable stride towards sustainable energy solutions. The task entailed the meticulous design and delivery of a flotation system for a 28 MW floating solar plant on behalf of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), showcases a forward-thinking approach to energy generation, leveraging India's abundant water bodies to address the growing demand for clean power.

Employing cutting-edge technology, the solar modules boast a wattage of 330 wp, anchored steadfastly using the Deadblock system. It not only ensures stability but also maximizes energy efficiency. This project, completed within a commendable four-month timeframe, showcases the potential of utilizing water bodies for solar power generation, a step forward in reducing land usage and enhancing eco-friendly power production. With its significant capacity, this venture stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts towards achieving a greener, more sustainable future.



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