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RUMSL, Amp Energy 140 MW


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Madhya Pradesh


545 wp

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140 MW

Project Summary

Floatex Solar proudly announces its pivotal role in the ongoing development of the Omkareshwar Floating Solar Park in Madhya Pradesh. As a distinguished joint venture between SECI and MPUVNL, RUMSL has appointed us to contribute our expertise to this groundbreaking project. The Omkareshwar solar park is set to feature six independent units, each with a 100 MW capacity, strategically distributed across two phases. Our initial focus, unit D, boasts a robust capacity of 140 MW, composed of 20 state-of-the-art floating arrays. Each array utilizes cutting-edge technology, with solar panels rated at 545 wp and anchored securely using the deadblock method.

The Omkareshwar project by Floatex Solar represents a significant advancement in India's sustainable energy efforts. This initiative is designed to make efficient use of solar power, contributing to reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy sources. By deploying solar panels on water bodies, the project generates clean energy and helps reduce water evaporation, thereby conserving precious water resources. This move underscores Floatex Solar's commitment to innovative and sustainable energy solutions, marking an important milestone in the journey towards eco-friendly energy practices.

For the local communities and the state of Madhya Pradesh, the impact of this project is twofold: it generates substantial green energy, thereby contributing to India's renewable energy goals, and it stimulates economic growth by creating jobs and fostering technological advancement. This project is a testament to our commitment to innovation, environmental sustainability, and the betterment of society. With this endeavor, we aim to create a more sustainable, greener future for all.



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